Steam Room

Steam room sometimes called as Turkish style bath. Steam room are tight sealed chamber designed to trap moisture which is artificially generated by steam generator.

These rooms or chambers are made from tile or glass or plastic, these are non-porous material. Steam rooms are designed to hold maximum humidity and the temperature may range between 100-120°F, it may feel warmer because of high humidity in the room.

Steam Room Health Benefits

  • Anyone who has spent time in a steam room will immediately see the benefits to their skin. Moisture helps skin to look refreshed and dewey in the short term. But the benefits don’t end there. Steam sometimes help relieve in symptoms of colds and congestion. People with sore muscles might feel relief after sitting for a few minutes in a steam room. Steam room often experience helps to reduce stress.
  • You can now have the steam room that you dream of without the bother of day-to-day upkeep! all kind steam room as per your requirement. It’s quite possible that you have your very own personal, lagoon-style design in your mind for your house or other venue.
  • Consider talking to us to learn more about this beautiful enhancement.
  • PHENIL has been building quality Steam Rooms since long time. Manufactured by experienced engineers using the finest materials available. Our all products are safe and deliver dependable performance.
  • With PHENIL, you can count on exceptional service both before and after the sale.
  • Most of the Steam Rooms PHENIL have commissioned are located within hotels and resorts of extraordinary style and presence and our aim is to design and build your Steam Rooms to compliment your surrounding in every respect,

Brief Specifications And Features

  • Well Thought adequately IP protected Lighting
  • Highly efficient & reliable steam generators
  • Well Spread Positions of Nozzles
  • Piping designed in a ashion which helps to arrest Micro Bial Development
  • Aroma Dosing Accessories automatic as well as manual on demand
  • Underfloor Heating for Benches and Floors for seamless heat experience on demand
  • Elecronic Softener to dependance on regenration and maintenance frequency

PHENIL offer you full product and service covering:

  • Conceptual design services
  • In-depth design studies
  • Development
  • Project management
  • After sales service

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