All Jacuzzi spas are well-finished hydrotherapy units. Back rub planes focus on any region of your body that needs pampering, mixing air and water for a more extraordinary back rub and unwinding experience. The rotational jets allow you to personalise each massage and replicate sports injury treatments that can help repair damaged ligaments and weakened muscles.

Immersing your body in water makes you 90% weightless, relieving pressure on your bones, joints and muscles and allowing your body to move freely. Every seat and body lounger is scientifically designed to ensure perfect posture and pure comfort.

The soot combination of warmth and massage invigorates the skin surface and increases blood circulation by dilating blood vessels. The heated waters of a Jacuzzi Pool-Spa encourage fully oxygenated blood to flow freely throughout the body helping to repair damaged and sore tissue. The increase in oxygen at the skin’s surface results in an overall soothing and relaxing experience for the whole body.

Research Results


Regular bathing in Jacuzzi can provide the following health benefits
  • Soothing
  • Relaxing
  • Refreshing
  • Stimulating
  • Boosts Circulation

PHENIL has been building quality jacuzzis since long time. Manufactured by experienced engineers using the finest materials available. Our all products are safe and deliver dependable performance.

With PHENIL, you can count on exceptional service both before and after the sale.

Brief Specifications And Features

  • Nozzles designed for high discharge to provide a real recrational, and scintillating experience. Variety like random Massage, Swirling Nozzles can be added on demand
  • Air Volume controllers designed for high air suction to give soothing massage
  • Air blower for excellent aesthectic and invigorating experience
  • Air blower for excellent aesthectic and invigorating experience
  • Acurately controlled tenperature for real relaxing warm experience
  • Salt & ozonated pools to provide chlorine free sanitisation on demand
  • Cold plunge pool with accurately controlled temperature for refreshing experience
  • Extra high dischage nozzles to provide real thrust on waist and ankles in standing postion on demand
  • Neck Massage Spouts to add musch needed neck therapy on demand
  • Soothing Underwater lighting
  • VGB Compliant
  • Aroma Mixing through suction; on demand
  • Herb dosing; on demand

Experience Of More Than Two Decades And 700 Happy Smiles.

Our Experienced design team is well capable to design from simple to advanced & high end complicated solutions.

Dedicated Marketing, Installation and After Sales Service teams at Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and not to mention Pune our Head Office we are eager and ever ready to provide customised installations.

We at the core of our heart know that most of our installations are fixed assets for customers. Hence it is our duty to associate with them on a longer sustainable terms.