Water is equals to health i.e. when water clouds absorb by the skin. So far this technique was discovered by Romans, Ancient Greeks, and all those Middle East peoples who made the Turkish bath a philosophy of living being. Turkish bath is also known as Hammam. Hammams are another type public bathing related with Islamic world, buildings are more similar to balance. The process of hammam is same as sauna but more closer to ancient greek and roman bath. The temperature never exceeds 47°C to 48°C. Hammams can have a maximum ceiling height of 2.3m, ceilings higher than 2.3m cause the Hammam to lose too much heat. It is very important for the ceiling be sloped at 10 to 15% to the rear of the Hammam, this allows the condensation to flow down the back wall and does not form droplets that will fall off the ceiling in an irritating hot rain fashion.  As Hammams are a steam room, the walls, floor and ceiling will need waterproofing. We highly recommend the use of our doors and windows only. The reason for this is the manufacturers have designed them specifically to keep in the steam, while allowing the correct amount of fresh air in. The doors are available in right or left hand opening options, or as a corner door.

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