Conventional Saunas​

Conventional saunas use steam to heat the sauna to high temperatures and do indeed feel much hotter than an infrared sauna, although, the heat does not penetrate into the body as much as an infrared sauna.

There are many benefits to purchasing and regularly using a conventional sauna, not only will they help you relax and help ease any aches, pain and stiffness, they are highly advantageous from a health perspective.

Brief Specifications And Features


CharacteristicFar InfraredTraditional/Conventional
AirFresh air/no steam Steam/high humidity
Temperature120 – 140 degrees 150 – 185 (Higher closer to heater)
HeatDirect heat: higher penetrating Indirect heat: heats surrounding air
OptionsStereo/electronic-safe Electronics should avoid moist heat
Electricity needed110 V (more energy efficient) 220 V
Plumbing No plumbing neededPlumbing needed
Preheat prepare to use Use right away – benefits as soon as turned on OR wait for sauna to heat up to desired temperature (both are beneficial) Wait 30-40 minutes for space to be heated to desired temp
Body absorbs energyEmits energy close to the same
wavelength as body naturally emits (8-14 microns), so energy is well-received by body 
Process Push sweat out(result of deep
penetration of heat) 
Pulls sweat out
Source of IR heat Heaters directly emitting IR heat Heated walls, rocks
Dry/wet heaters Infrared heaters continuously on – IR heat only emitted when
heater is on 
water over rocks moistens the air and nasal passages and ability to mix essential oils in the water (aromatherapy): heater cycles on and off throughout session to maintain desired heat
Heat penetration Far Infrared heat penetrates deep into the muscles and joints (up to 3 inches)  

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