Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas are modern type of saunas and of totally different technology than any other saunas.

It consist of infrared emitters which helps in removing the toxins from your body as well as improve skin quality. The sauna can be customised as per the requirement of the client and sauna which are customised by PHENIL will be of optimum quality.

The terminology: Infrared heat cabins are often simply called infrared cabins and are also referred to as infrared saunas. A particular cabin is designed for the radiation also called as infrared heat cabin, In an infrared heat cabin, your body primarily absorbs the heat generated by an infrared radiator or some similar component, such as infrared foil which worms the walls of infrared box. The temperature inside an infrared cabin is 40-45°C i.e. 104-113°F

Brief Specifications And Features

Infrared sauna bathing can provide the following health benefits:

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