Infinity Pools

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An infinity pools are the type of swimming pool, where the water flows over one or a lot of edges, infinity  pools are so beautiful that you cannot take your eyes off. Infinity pools asr designing in such a way that it is visible magical water flow merging in the larger bodies  with no boundary like the ocean, or with the sky. they’re typically seen at resorts, estates, and in different luxurious places

Design your infinity pool in your customised style with the help of our expertise in field, with 20 years plus experience. The first infinity pool was designed in 17th century and has been originated in France.     

Features of Infinity pool

  • Pleasing appearance

The very attractive feature is the view and eye pleasing look of the infinity pool. There is something full of relaxing about the water being at the very top of the pool and flowing over.

  • Catch basin

Another way you will be pleased  with the feature of your infinity pool is the catch basin the pool flows into. It seems so attractive and relaxing as well.

  • Infinity edge

Flowing water over the edge seems very pleasing and beautiful

PHENIL has been building quality Infinity Pools since long time. Manufactured by experienced engineers using the finest materials available. Our all products are safe and deliver dependable performance.

With PHENIL, you can count on exceptional service both before and after the sale.

Most of the Infinity Pools PHENIL have commissioned are located within hotels and resorts of extraordinary style and presence and our aim is to design and build your Infinity Pool  to compliment your surrounding in every respect,

PHENIL offer you full product and service covering:

– conceptual design services

– In-depth design studies

– Project management

– Development

– After sales service