Experience Showers

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  • luxury Experience Shower comes with  unique variety of temperature control water sequences with soothing chromatherapy, relaxing acoustics, and rejuvenating aroma. These custom experience showers are perfect for rinsing the heated body after a sauna and steam treatment. An Experience Shower offered from Phenil delivers exceptional reliability and exclusive distinction.

We create our Experience Showers stainless steel floors, walls, benches, and ceilings. The interior surfaces are then custom designed and tile arranged per your specifications. Experience showers are pre-equalized  with LED lights, water, sound, and music. Our showers have multiple misters and body sprays including a shower head with various flow settings. We offers all electronic hardware and components to make an easy, single unit and easy installation.

Features of Experience Showers

  • Adequate Water Flow

Properly designed drench shower should deliver adequate amount of water to rinse

  • East to operate

The drench shower is very easy to operate and use

  • Responsive

Shower designed by Phenil are very responsive so that it can be used at the time when needed

  • Reliable

Shower designed by Phenil are very reliable so that you can rely on the time when needed

  • Easy installation

Shower designed by Phenil are of very high quality and easy to install.

You can now have the Experience shower that you dream of without the bother of day-to-day upkeep! all kind showers as per your requirement. It’s quite possible that you have your very own personal, lagoon-style design in your mind for your house or other venue.

Consider talking to us to learn more about this beautiful enhancement.


PHENIL has been building quality experience shower since long time. Manufactured by experienced engineers using the finest materials available. Our all products are safe and deliver dependable performance.

With PHENIL, you can count on exceptional service both before and after the sale.

Most of the experience shower PHENIL have commissioned are located within hotels and resorts of extraordinary style and presence and our aim is to design and build your shower  to compliment your surrounding in every respect,

PHENIL offer you full product and service covering:

– conceptual design services

– In-depth design studies

– Project management

– Development

– After sales service

Brief Specifications And Features

Reliable Genrman Technology
Scintillating Sound, Light and Temperature Experience
Variety of Wall, and Celing Showers and Nozzles
Variety of Types of Showers including Mist, Niagara, 
Variety of Preprogrammed Shower Sessions