Chilled Plunge Pools

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The Benefits of Cold Plunge Therapy:

Chilled Plunge pool therapy is used by athletic trainers and physical therapists to enhance muscle recovery by reducing metabolic rate, inflammation, circulation, muscle spasms and pain. With cold therapy, vasoconstriction also takes effect narrowing the blood vessels resulting in reduced swelling. In a Chilled Plunge pool the water is kept at a therapeutic 50°F to help control joint inflammation and to stimulate the release of endorphins. Science also shows that the cold water causes the release of cytokines and other body chemicals that helps boost immunity.

Plunge Pool Features

  • Temperature Control

Chilled Plunge pools should have dependable heating or cooling systems that consistently maintain optimal water temperature. Cold plunge water temperature is a therapeutic 50° F (10°c). Hot plunge pools should maintain water temperatures up to 104°F (40°c).

  • Cleaning and Maintenance

There’s nothing worse than plunge pools which don’t drain completely, are hard-to-clean or require on-goingmaintenance i.e. Bottoms drains, Gelcoat interior finish easily wipes clean, withstand daily use and last for years

  • Interior Layout and Design

Plunge pools come in all shapes and sizes. For successful outcomes, choose the right sized pool for your team with a specific interior configuration to meet your treatment needs. Be sure the pool meets code requirements and will fit into the space.

  • Customization

No two teams have the same recovery and rehabilitation goals. Make sure your plunge pool satisfies your exact treatment requirements. PHENIL can do that work for you

PHENIL has been building quality Chilled plunge pools since long time. Manufactured by experienced engineers using the finest materials available. Our all products are safe and deliver dependable performance.

With PHENIL, you can count on exceptional service both before and after the sale.

Brief Specifications And Features

Slat & ozonated pools to provide chlorine free sanitisation on demand
Cold plunge pool with accurately controlled temperature for refreshing experience
Soothing Underwater lighting
VGB Compliant
Aroma Mixing through suction; on demand
Herb dosing; on demand