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Phenil - A Team Of Young Energetic Passionate And Goal Driven Members

With billions of Investments being poured in Key Infrastructure; positive bustling business environment is seen all around. A rare phenomenon of past decades. It has given tremendous boost to support infrastructure like Hotels, Upscale Housing , Recreation Facilities, Hospitals &…etc.

This opens a door of great opportunities for Expert solution and after sales Providers in Leisure, Recreational, Therapeutic & Medicinal Equipment area.

PHENIL; a synonym of trust for decades; has one of the largest pool of expertise and knowledge base in SPA Wet Engineering; Pools and Water Bodies. It is well poised to provide most Safe, reliable, lasting, trouble free and trust worthy solutions in ever demanding competitive environment.

Experience Of More Than Two Decades And 700 Happy Smiles.

Our Experienced design team is well capable to design from simple to advanced & high end complicated solutions.

Dedicated Marketing, Installation and After Sales Service teams at Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and not to mention Pune our Head Office we are eager and ever ready to provide customised installations.

We at the core of our heart know that most of our installations are fixed assets for customers. Hence it is our duty to associate with them on a longer sustainable terms.

Our Installations Are Unmatched In Safeties And Reliability.
  • Full-Proof warranties indicate confidence in installations. Prompt and Efficient after sales service is the next logical step. And We are ever prepared to offer both.
  • With export orders we are also making our foot prints felt internationally.
People At Helm

Gajanan M Bhide Director ( BE Mech)

Gajanan M Bhide

1)Expert in Faultless, Reliable and Safest Designs of SPAPS & POOLS

2) More than 20 Years of varied & wide experience of working with multiple clients – Hotels, Realtors, Sports Complexes, Defense Establishments, Hospitals, SPAS, Naturopathy Centers, and Domestic installations

3) Third Party International Safety Auditor for SPAS Pools, & Waterbodies appointed by Starwood Hotels.

4) Completed around 40 Audits till today out of which 4 are international SPA & Pool Audits

5)These audits have been able to identify hidden dangerous safety issues in SPAS & Pools which in turn helped various engineering teams to take timely corrective action and eliminate perceived risks

6)Appreciated by many Engineering Heads for Professional Audits

Sunil Kanade Design Head(Diploma in Mech)

Sunil Kanade

1)One of the most Experienced and Elderly Personality in SPA s & Swimming Pool Industry. With almost 25 years of extensive experience.

2) Was with Astral Since inception days then worked in Aquanomics, Thermalec, and Valerius in various capacities.

3) Has designed, executed and monitored widest varieties of SPAS pools and water bodies

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